All The Things You Say Observer
Under Control
Under Control
(written by Sven Friedrich)
. . .
(перевод: )
There’s a crack in the ice
And it’s coming after me
Should I wait and not blink,
Or should I run and get away
But every will would need a force
And once again there will be another way out,
Just like every time
So I go drowning and see what’s coming next

I could go and have a drink with you,
But I’m too bored
Oh, it could be nice
But that’s not what I’m looking for,
What you’re looking for
So why not leave it all behind?
Well, it seems so draining just to think about it anyway
So I keep going and leave it all untouched

I’m under control
I am well sedated and permanently sick
I’m under control
I don’t care too much if I win or if I get tricked
I ran out of passion, but carry the weight
’til the end when I bury myself
Still under control, I’m taking it all from you

I go waste your time like any other day
Seems I look forsaken, and I’ll be either way
And when I’m laughing it’s my fault
And when I say
That all these pictures on the wall are greyish anyway
I didn’t mean it, they’re only black and white

. . .