Under Control Until It’s Over
(written by Sven Friedrich)
. . .
(перевод: )
They’ve found you amongst the waves
I went away 2 weeks ago
On normal days
I’m not used to saying goodbye many times
No looking back, but hey you know,
Just a glimpse to remember the times
I’m not too sentimental,
Just don’t want to forget everything

The distance was growing fast
I still feel your breathing on my skin
Expected you behind me
But you’re never there when I look around
So I forge ahead and I feel sure I’ll never get any rest
I’m feeling weak, but I have nothing to regret

Escaped before I fell apart
Why the fuck you broke my heart
Another end, another start
Why the fuck you broke my heart

I can’t put them into any order
The million image-shreds of your face
I should not care about you, but get me further away
Can you tell me how I could resist
To watch them saving you from the sea
They’ll surely fail, they’ll be too late, it’s too late

. . .