Broken Grid (2008)

Hiding Memories from the Sun
Stigmata Rain
(You Think You’re) Radical
The Shield
Creep (Radiohead Cover)
Here I Stand
I Keep My Eyes Shut
Hero & Conqueror
Your Hell Is Here
I Can’t Remember

Resigned (2009)

Spit It Out (IAMX Cover)
Song to Say Goodbye (Placebo Cover)
Craving (Dreadful Shadows Cover)
Stigmata Rain (:Wumpscut: Remix)

Frontiers (2011)

Under the Skies
Why Did I Raise the Fire?
No Apologies
More Than This
Such a Shame (Talk Talk Cover)
Where Are You?
The Rising Doubt
Pain Goes By
Until I’m Back
The Line of Sight

Reasons to Kill (2013)

I Hate You More Than My Life
Face Me
Change The View
When I Bite
Reset To Default
Rise And Fall
I’d Rather Break
My Spaces
One Step Closer (Linkin Park Cover)
My Bleeding Heart
The Pages

Another Manic Episode (2015)

Not What I Wanted
Fake To Be Alive
All The Things You Say
Under Control
Until It’s Over
The Race Of The Rats
If I Were You
I Don’t Want You In Here
Somebody Told Me (The Killers Cover)
You Need The Drugs (Westbam Cover)

You Win. Who Cares? (2018)

Sick of You
Wrong Direction
A Bullet Left For You
Anything You Want
The Pain That Kills You Too
Just Like This
Too Late
If This Is Hope
I Don’t Fight Back
What If There’s Nothing
Papillon (Editors Cover)
Fuck U (Archive Cover)